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Updating everyone on the TL - my
Nephew is still like the sweetest kid ever, I’m blessed 😇

If badgay goes down, know i get paid Tuesday and can rectify this lol

you might not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like

the past few weeks have been an emotional roller coaster internally, but I'm doing okay now ^w^

Can I get a FUCK COLIN POWELL in the chat! Let’s make some Noise for another DEAD WAR CRIMINAL 🎉

Colin Powell was a war criminal rehabbed by the press who went on to spend that credibility shilling for more war. If there's anything to be learned from his shitty life, it's that the press will rehabilitate a war criminal and propel them toward millions more war dead.

these tumblr witches need to start stealing rich peoples bones instead. desecrate reagan's grave or something


anyone could have accidentally become a white supremacist. it happened to me and could happen to you. i'm here to educate myself and others so it won't. don't forget to subscribe to my patreon! (i do a tiktok dance) ok first tip: if a bunch of guys in white hoods ask if you want to see a wizard, try to avoid going with th

Finally got badgay back up lmao I forgot to give godaddy my new card

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