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Remember when I said this year I was getting hotter

I did it y’all I’ve been steadily pursuing the quest

I’ve gotten so much better at brows this year its ridiculous

abortions on demand and without apology. Now and forever.

mods are asleep post t posing animal crossing characters

Could gandalf defeat frodo-with-a-gun

when th dogge run ond th dogges eares flappen

I have nothing I’m Hyper focused on and it makes life feel dull

meant to post these for #Caturday but I forgot. please look at my strong majestic son

Watched Lemora last night, it wasn’t great but I liked parts of it

pandemic showed us (what a lot of disabled ppl already knew) that work can be done from home and events can be made inclusive, wonder what else ppl in power are lying to us about 🤔

Netflix Suspends Three Employees Who Criticized Dave Chappelle’s Transphobic Standup Special
"The company that values so-called "radical transparency" is now working overtime to squash dissent."
J'avais lu "radical transmisoginy" j'avoue

Feel a bit better after a cry with my girlfriend but it would be better if we were together

this picture was taken 2 seconds before she jumped and slapped my face

pippin: we have no songs for great halls and evil times

pippin: [sings the perfect song for great halls and evil times]

I’m so fucking over having no friends like why is it like this (answer: my abusive ex successfully convinced our 3 mutual hometown friends I’m a sociopath who abused him and since then it’s been a pandemic so I can’t meet new people)

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