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madness, magician mindset, mh 

it reminds me of the stuff I miss about magic. IDK I have a lot of feelings about being less in touch with my spirituality for the past two years. idk how much my meds have to do with it. I need to investigate how much influence the meds have re: distancing me from my spiritual core.

Synchronicities were my entire life for like a decade, the whole world was once alive with language and signs. Magician Mindset. Also maybe madness.

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me: *says the word houses*
my brain: "actually its hice"
me: "NO"

if i didn't reply to your text its because i exist within a chaotic maelstrom of ephemeral phenomena and sensory experiences where the only meaning or narrative continuity is that which arises in my own mind and also i forgot

Omg Fergs vet bill was $200 but he’s got his antibiotic shot, a cream for home, they did his anal gland expression and even trimmed up and cleaned his ass hairs. 10/10

Fergus goes to the vet tomorrow pls wish us luck 🍀 he hates the vet 🥺

i refuse to watch the boys until i know whether or not theyre back in town

I can barely keep my eyes open. Fuck this hormonal bullshit

Last begging post for this:

I would still need a bit of help if that's possible, please. Thanks for everything so far 🖤

But please, don't put yourself in a difficult situation, even a boost is a lot already!

Here's what happened to me exactly, I forgot to link it here:

PayPal link to help me go through it and recover properly:

I'm really grateful for all your support, thanks again!

omg I'm an ADHD sun, ASD moon, and CPTSD rising hbu???

I'm gonna stream Stray for a little bit if anyone wants to check it out. rolling myself a J and then I'll probs play for a bit as a reward for surviving another day :3

I’m 100% about to eat a stack of sandwhich meat and call it a meal

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