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do i need to play the other 39,999 warhammers first

new year new gfm post!

my surgery is scheduled for april 8th, and i still need to raise/save over $4k. i will hopefully have another update after tax money and my partner’s yearly bonus comes in, but any help is still appreciated. even passing this link around is so helpful.

thank you so much for all of your support and love 🖤

one of my coworkers didn’t know sled dogs were real lol

He thought they were mystical animals 😂


i am now taking commissions for freelance video editing work

i have over ten years of experience

if you've ever seen that "CYBERPUNK IS NOW" video, i'm the one who made that

you can view my portfolio at verticallyalignedcarbonnano.tu

and i can be contacted at

boosts much appreciated!!! :boost_ok:

:blacker_heart_outline: :black_sparkles_outline:

🎶 pepperoni, green peppers, mushroom, olive, chives

Spent the day discovering how good Steal This Album! By System of A Down is

The opening and closing tracks could not be more different lmao it shows such excellent range wtf

Selfie with ec 

Hey it’s a pic of me cross-faded 💋

the only energy deserving of 2022:

i survived and im about to make that everyone's problem

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I’m hungry and uncaffinated in someone else’s house 🥺😭 help I don’t know where things are, where are my cats

Happy New Year to all BuJo enthusiasts who have been itching to put their brand new journals to good use. May your Calendex week marks be accurate and your pile of “for 2022” events not take too long to migrate

Woke up to carcinization of my timeline, what hath the changing of the year wrought

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