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Does anyone know a good doctor near Vancouver, BC that does PEM testing and NASA lean tests? Are these things your GP can theoretically do, or do you have to go to a specialist? #mecfs

Selfie, ec, cool new ear cuff 

Me showing off my cool new earring, a connected silver triskele stud + a matching cuff!

My cat just purred SOOOO loud while snuggling my phone and I got it recorded 🥺

Here I made an anti-NFT! No blockchain is needed, because it belongs to everyone. Yes, even you, it's yours! Feel free to boost, screenshot, or right click & save! <3

My nephew is amazing. One of my brothers friends got him a tiny A Perfect Circle shirt and it’s very cute

in my day, top or bottom meant whether you were player one or two in halo

Fuck wage slavery. I wish I had a job that paid me salary

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