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Looking at the Sutton Hoo garnet work just absolutely blows my mind. It's so gorgeous

I haven’t been able to stop crying all night 😂 ❤️‍🩹🙃

I’m bitter and it makes me wanna implode my life sometimes

I’ve been feeling like…. Like times been standing still all day?? Cuz I’ve been Dozing because of this chest cold but also like the time has been fuckin dragging… and I only just shook off an oversleeping headache, but I’m still feeling tired just not sleepy so much 😴

I feel so gross and stagnant and frozen and sick 😷 🤒 blegh!!

snail race!!!

Sometimes you're the scrim and sometimes you're the shaw

the masculine desire to commit arson with your boyfriend

selfies, some with ec, description in post 

I hope y'all like selfies because that's a thing that should be happening once I start feeling myself again. But in the meantime, here's a few.

Image descriptions: various images of Kris, a non-binary transfeminine person, sometimes in makeup, usually wearing glasses and showing off their midsection, they are slim and have numerous visible tattoos and piercings

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