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Selfie no ec, cat photos! 

Hiii I’ve been away from the fediverse for a while but now I’m going to fly to LA

Check out my sweet headphones

And these are my cats lookin dead at the camera cuz I told them I loved them from a distance lmao

Streaming Psychonauts 2 on! I’m on the first level lol

Sleeping until an hour before work is not great. I hate rushing to get ready. My brain takes like two hours just to boot up the OS

Hours lost in the dark, you finally push open the cellar door and surface. Taking stock of your surroundings, you are unconvinced that your situation has improved.

Artifacts line the walls and floor, some expertly mounted, some haphazardly piled in precarious stacks. The air hums with an expectant energy, and the corners of your mind tingle as if imperceptibly gnawed on by thousands of tiny nibbling teeth.

You have entered the Wizzzard.Tower. You feel that this was a grave error.

I've been listening to Darknet Diaries before bed and now I have a MIGHTY NEED to update all of my internet safety protocols lmao

i don't understand people and i'm tired of pretending that i do

dude my phone sucks so fucking bad. why does it have to scroll on its own constantly

@Turbostoner666 Anyway it looks great im gonna get it eventually I’m just sad 😂 I feel defeated by capitalism, but what else is new

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Who wants to buy me PSYCHONAUTS 2 lmao fuck why is this $60

when people say "what if the capitalists replace the police with a private army" like... what do you think the police are. you think those guys answer to you?

bad bad bad MH because of money 

So tired of feeling stressed and poor all the time, I’m making $16/hr. I cannot make MOVES with this fucking low income stream. I hate being alive lol

@velexiraptor when your head, dick, and foot are all the same organ >>>>>>>>>>

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