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stop saying "my kid could paint that," and start saying "my kid *will* paint that!" the time is now to introduce your child to the lucrative world of art forgery

I know it’s very jokey but goddamn that show is funny

How are there still futurama episodes I haven’t seen

Reminder : If you have a pair of eclipse glasses, and you live in the northeast of the USA or Canada, maybe take a look at the sun tomorrow right after sunrise.

"Dwayne Thomas, a fixture of Chicago’s punk rock music scene who made waves as an anti-Nazi skinhead in the ’80s and ’90s, was found dead this week, a few days after he went missing." #RIPDwayne #Chicago


I only consume apolitical media like star wars and call of duty, there's no room for politics in entertainment

A diverse community that's safe for as many people as possible cannot be safe for bigots. You do not need to tolerate bigots in your community spaces.

Me, a pastor speaking at a funeral: "--sadly, last week, our dear friend Barbara logged off permanently from this mortal coil--"

@Turbostoner666 im really behind in life responsibilities because I only have the time for work and rest from work 😥

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