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fuck you i bet your husbands urethra is like a wizard sleeve

the person with the photo album of their family at lynchings is thufie you’re welcome

my favourite tove jansson story is the one about this creature who lives, apparently alone, in a huge house which she obsessively cleans, and also has a deep phobia of water sprouts; then, in the end, a watersprout really does appear, and she realises she's not afraid of it at all, and is completely ecstatic when it ploughs into the house and blows it to fuck

SUCKED OFF yet again by the cancel culture hate mob

"we have to save the helpless and stupid colonized people from the paternalism we did to them!"

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i was just relating with em how we don’t make art when we’re grieving or in distress. and now i’m thinking how i have realized the themes in my art have been a parallel to my own feelings about my gender, and how much joy it’s given me to discover myself. it’s amazing how joyful gender can be

Yeah, I had a paper route as a kid. It was hard fucking work, I saw some shit and I grew to be a man because of it

@Turbostoner666 here she is before and after the vet.

Pic 1: a gorgeous tan dog in the backseat of a car, tongue fully out and ears alert, wearing a GOOD
VIBES ONLY bandana

Pic 1: a very drunk looking tan dog squinting at the camera while laying on a bed

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I have never been good at a Videogame before and I do not intend to start today

@Turbostoner666 she’s doing better but my
Poor baby. She’s got perma sleepy eyes and needed extra help going to the bathroom.
She is eleven years old!!!

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fleeing to twitter where i will be safe from the belgians

hey just got back from a lenghty dinner I cooked grandma . what'd I miss?

"Let's eat grandma"
"Lets eat grandma"

Punctuation saves lives!

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