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nauseous, health 

Stomach keeps giving me throw up signals but all o can do is burp and get hiccups wtf

some of you sick fucks would fall to wile e coyote in seconds. you would walk right into his traps. you would peck at the bird seed and the boulder would fall on you. this is your fate

autism, ableism 

2021 is the year I start getting more comfortable with being autistic, ableism has made me kinda shove that shit down whenever I bring it up with anyone but turns out !! My internal reality isn’t subject to the ignorance if others! Who knew 🤷‍♀️

i figured out how to run waveshare's example python! tonight i am the smartest boy in the land!

Autistic Masking and Unmasking ft. @Aspergers from the Inside 

feELiNG FeELiNGs!!!!!

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Regicide? There's a right and a wrong way to do this stuff, if you don't like your monarch, vote 'em out of office!

I guess this is sort of a Black History Month post:

In the 1940s, John Lee Hooker would earn extra money by going around his record deal and cutting 78s for no-name record companies under fake names. Some of those are a lot weirder and less commercial than most blues that got recorded back then, more reflective of what would have been going on in the coolest clubs and juke joints instead of what a company thought would sell.

"It's the real low down Boogie Woogie, that midnight Boogie Woogie, the Barrelhouse stuff you don't hear about..."

"Low Down Midnight Boogie" is one of the coolest songs ever recorded, in my lonely little opinion.

These are the spineless scumbags. 

This is what a colonizer looks like 🤢🤮
(Via: @myartisnotpolitical)

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“I am tired. Tired of seeing my island be used as an experiment for the benefit of the colonizers. Tired of being seen as opportunities and not as people.
They act as if there were no people in Boriken doing the hard work to liberate the island from their oppressive ways. Countless times we’ve been used as experiments by US government and settlers, countless times they’ve left their trash behind. NO MORE!
This spineless scumbags started calling Boriken by a different name: Puertopia.”

ec, me looking hot af 

Me with good ass fuckin purple Smokey eye makeup and glittery lips with a sparkle filter on top 😊


Well I figured out how to smoke my shatter! Damn!

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