need help finding funds for groceries for me and my 3 year old and our overdue car payment while my wife is working out of town

we can take on a loan as wife WILL be getting paid well, but donations are highly appreciated as well of course!

Hoping to find $150 for the car and $50 for groceries 💕 very grateful for any help or boosts!

#mutualaid @mutual_aid @mutualaid
$glamorshark for cashapp
@londonshine for Venmo


The dispo was selling a rose petal infused joint for Valentine’s Day so I mean hello yes

Forgot to wear underwear to the physical cuz I was wearing super thick leggings as pants and was rushing out the door for morning errands, so I had to be nude in the fucking paper gown with this old man doctor. jfc lmao

It’s so funny how my mom had endless empathy for Catholics getting spit on in Europe or whatever but has no empathy for understanding for people who are actually oppressed here in our country/state/neighborhood

also I'm so angry all the time about my right wing family members getting more and more indoctrinated and I do not know what to do. the cognitive dissonance is killing me!

they've found a new vulnerability where if you jam your dick into your computer while its on you can get burned or electrocuted. watch out for this one!

bad christian movie BTS. includes grooming, bad conservative theology, injuries on set, child indangerment, and just... wow. 

@magicalmilly I know this isn’t the point but how is the disease both mild and deadly

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