ai art 

my first query was “a cat using faceapp to see what it would look like as a dog” and I'm not sure what's going on here but it's certainly compelling

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@Em I’m on a stoop though, not a porch, but the relaxing in the cool evening air energy is the same 🥰

I hate the heat. I hate summer. Enjoying summer heat is bourgeois

Family and mh mixed bag 

Against all odds my mom both upset me (we had a fight this morning) AND comforted me successfully by saying all these good and right things while giving me a big hug and that was. Really a big deal. She used to not hug me when I was upset. It’s confusing. But I needed to hear all those things, that I’m a good person and a kind person and that she loves me. It helped a lot tbh.

@Em lmao I’m out here having a smoke because the heat finally died down

I saw the name Cisilyn in the wild today and couldn’t stop cackling

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