incest vague, cursed, chrischan 

@witchy oh man this is fucking dark

incest vague, cursed, chrischan 

@Turbostoner666 @witchy ok i found a Reddit thread. The lesser of the three evil websites

incest vague, cursed, chrischan 

@witchy is there a way i can find out what’s going on without clicking the fucking k*wif*rms link with the receipts

trans bullshit dysphoria 

@Turbostoner666 i want to cry but now I have to leave and give my grandma a bath

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trans bullshit dysphoria 

Extremely cool how this trans tape makes me dysphoric because it’s impossible to put on

plus size recs 

okay i can only vouch for the skirts, but the skirts are fucking rad. Size C fits up to a 70 inch waist tho the listing says only 60 inches (source: it fits the fullest part of my waist and i am currently bloated so i'm +several inches). the material is heavy weight and soft, not that cheap slippery kind, the fit is generous, and IT HAS POCKETS. DEEP POCKETS.

Holy fuck can I get my refund yet wtf my accounts over drafted and I need litter but I’m waiting for the pet store to give me back the $120 they charged me for an autoship order I already canceled

@Em ugh I’m so sorry that’s so much 💜😞 I’m glad he’s okay. My dumb ads cat just drove me nuts because he ate rotten food out of the trash, scared the shit out of me. Luckily they’re tougher than they look sometimes

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