oh no I'm late for work because my self driving car won't start without this software update and it says it's going to take 999 hours??

Self-driving cars:
- Money sink
- Requires heavy computing for a single unit
- The more units there is, the more computing it takes
- Can fail miserably costing lives

Automatic trains:
- Already exists
- Can transport hundreds of people at a time so less units and less computing
- On rails so path is predefined and tested, less variables

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do you hear the people simp
simping the song of angry men

thinking about paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to go to a remote location sacred to the local population, so a monk can tell me the sense of peace i get from having no consequences to my disgusting way of living and being is enlightenment

Im gonna watch that Billie Holiday movie tonight yall

cold take but under communism I'd be able to charge my phone and use headphones at the same time

yet again THE LEFT has SUCKED my DICK and FUCKED me in the ASS

i do not believe either prince or bowie were cis in any meaningful way

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