fuck YEA it's my birthday month!!!!! if u feel so inclined and wanted to do something cool for me maybe toss a few bucks into my gfm for top surgery and/or share it around!! it would mean the world to me!!!! thanks y'all for ur love and support i love u ;_; 🖤


@RedFuture I would love to experience, just for a day, what it's like to be able to just... do things

and that's the only reason I like video games

everything I say is medical advice, legal counsel, professional psychotherapy, and religious guidance

I've been wondering : people are capable of giving a random gender to the moon but aren't capable of respecting trans folks's gender. Please explain that. Wtf cis folks.

*stubs my toe* heck, add another one to the victims of communism count

@anarchiv I tried to install that, but it never wants to start for some reason

what do you call a werewolf youtuber? 


Long time no selfie! Your angry brown enby dyke got a binder yesterday. It fits well enough, like a slightly tighter sports bra. Anyway, if you're Non-Black, give your money to Black people, thx

@Em this is what happens when you decide to live deliciously

Fuck your rules about being transgender I’ll tie my clit into an unknowable eldritch abomination like a balloon animal and ascend beyond your boring “hatchling” hypothesis you fucking dingus

Does anyone have suggestions for shops or artists that sell cute or cool stud earrings? Anything is great, but right now I really like either abstract, geometric stuff or straight up saccharine, kawaii AF (for reference, check out LuxCups Creative.)

Etsy was where I was looking, but it seems riddled with people just reselling mass-produced stuff.

In Europe, they have a special rating for games that contain femdom themes called PEGI 18+

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