Screenshots, selfie w ec 

Look I made myself a streaming overlay for twitch!

Also this is my new normal
Wig. I wore it to the gas station store the day I called out of work so no one FROM work would see me sneaking out for a milkshake. It’s my real hair though. I probably would look more like this if my hair wasn’t what it actually is.

And last pic is me normally for context :) hot pink/orange hair and no eyebrows!

Selfie with ec 

Hey it’s a pic of me cross-faded 💋

AI draws Danny Devito (drawn ec, music) 

And then I ran it through the Human filter and made him handsomer to see if we would get closer to Devito

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AI draws Danny Devito (drawn ec, music) 

I do not know how to describe this. But the AI drew a full fucking approximate of Danny Devito

Drawn ec, art 

Check out this tree of life in drawing
I’m working on

Selfie w ec 

Oh here’s a pic where portrait mode isn’t washing me out also LMAO

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Selfie w ec 

Okay so i tried all my new makeup experimental tips at once

Featuring false lashes I’m not totally into… and ideally my brows will be less pointy next time BUT

here’s my new hair color in action!!

Selfies with Ec 


Pictured: two pics of me with my new bright neon orange pink hair!! And my HOMO sweater but it’s spelled H-O-M-E-A-U-X

Selfie, ec, cool new ear cuff 

Me showing off my cool new earring, a connected silver triskele stud + a matching cuff!

Selfie with ec 

My girlfriend dressed me that’s why I look so good

Pictured: me wearing a super cool
Bright pink tank top with a fluffy bottom with matching nails and black spandex shorts with neon paint splatter pattern

Selfies with EC 

Selfies with eye contact -

Three pics of me showing different makeup attempts ✨ I did a bright pink under eye for Lavender Country, then some plain brows, and finally my cool goth look for today

Selfie no ec, cat photos! 

Hiii I’ve been away from the fediverse for a while but now I’m going to fly to LA

Check out my sweet headphones

And these are my cats lookin dead at the camera cuz I told them I loved them from a distance lmao

selfie, ec 

Pictured: A cropped photo of me, where I’m half lit in red and half lit in purple. The photo shows my shoulders and neck, but only the very top of
My chest.

Check out this lighting though!

Also I love my chest and all but this selfie is giving me some Gender Euphoria right now

Fergus is my sweet boy. He is so snuggly and soft and loving. I adore him. The last two nights we had private dates, just the two of us, in the cool summer evening. At one point he got to hunt a moth LMAOOO

Pictured: Fergus lounging on a patch of dirt in the yard. Fergus is a 28 pound mostly white cat with a brown and black striped tail and a hidden Mickey Mouse shape on the back of his head.

Hey if you’re in or around Boxboro MA, I’m looking for my dog Charlie. My dad put him in a shelter without telling any of us. This is within the last three months.

Me: May all foul turds perish at the blade edge of my sword

My sword: literally this moominpappa pocket knife


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