Here's a pic of a bunch of them on the vine or whatever you call it when it's raspberries

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Selfies w ec 

Pictured: diptych ft me with super cool eyebrows, vs me with no eyebrows. My hair is curly and bright pink/orange and I’m wearing a Keith Haring shirt and a black choker 💋

I had two very good but very different looks yesterday

Pictured: 1 is Sad Eyed Gus, a medium sized fluffy grayish black stray cat crouched over a food bowl. 2 is a fluffy small white and black cat with beautiful yellow eyes looking right at the camera, in front of a food dish

I took Woody for a walk today on the trail and he was so fucking cute and well behaved. But also he was OBSESSED with the water ?? He kept trying to go in

Selfie w ec, cat 

Clarence was so cute today lmao have a pic

I touched up my haircut

Screenshots, selfie w ec 

Look I made myself a streaming overlay for twitch!

Also this is my new normal
Wig. I wore it to the gas station store the day I called out of work so no one FROM work would see me sneaking out for a milkshake. It’s my real hair though. I probably would look more like this if my hair wasn’t what it actually is.

And last pic is me normally for context :) hot pink/orange hair and no eyebrows!

Selfie with ec 

Hey it’s a pic of me cross-faded 💋

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