selfie with ec 

Me looking very cute and gay in floral gray blue pants, a Courage the Cowardly dog shirt, sunglasses and my purple hair 💋

selfie with eye contact 

Image description: Me smiling at the camera wearing blue, pink and purple glittery eyeshadow, a trans pride choker and a gorgeous purple jacket that matches my hair

Happy 1st of Pride ✨

block warning, transphobia 

@Turbostoner666 they run a 9chan board of
Course they’re fucking garbage

Throwing an instance block in for the shiggles

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selfies, EC, outfit of the day 

Check this shit out I got most of this slutty summer outfit at Five Below!

Photo collage of my white queer ass in a black crop top, sporty red shorts and textured black leggings.

Hey if you’re in or around Boxboro MA, I’m looking for my dog Charlie. My dad put him in a shelter without telling any of us. This is within the last three months.

selfie, eye contact 

Big elf pirate energy tonight with this lace panel plaid shirt, red lips and Consumptive Chic blush ✨ j accidentally ripped off too much eyebrow today so I’m gonna be uhhhh drawing them in more than ever LMAO

@Turbostoner666 here she is before and after the vet.

Pic 1: a gorgeous tan dog in the backseat of a car, tongue fully out and ears alert, wearing a GOOD
VIBES ONLY bandana

Pic 1: a very drunk looking tan dog squinting at the camera while laying on a bed

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Me: May all foul turds perish at the blade edge of my sword

My sword: literally this moominpappa pocket knife

nsfw adjacent, genital art 

This is the previous image on Refbubble of my Clit stencil on an apron, which is hilarious enough, but also the size makes this fuckin thing look like the Fresno night crawler (now worn arms)

selfies with ec, low effort description 

Date night makeup Looks

Pointy brows, Smokey eyes, duo tone lip, under eye glitter

selfies with ec, 🍃 💨 

I call this look “Smoking weed on a public access show where drag characters teach dialectical materialism”

Lots of Smokey eyes, little angry triangle brows and a duo toned lip + I style my undercut like a messy bun

selfie with ec, outfit of the day 

It took several outfits before I figured out how to wear these floral blueish gray high waisted wide legged pants!! I paired them with my crop hoodie and a Black Sabbath shirt and damn I look together

selfie with ec, lyricsposting 

Come day, go day 🎶
Wish in my heart it was Sunday ✨
Drinking’ buttermilk all the week 🎵
And whiskey on a Sunday ✨

selfie dump with ec 

Selfie dump ✨ I got new clothes and hung around in good lighting. I’m a huge fan of these pieces. Also I got my platforms today and I gotta take photos omg they’re beautiful

ec, me, video (uncaptioned) 

Hey it’s me coming at you from sparkles land ✨

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