ec, me, video (uncaptioned) 

Hey it’s me coming at you from sparkles land ✨

me making eye contact, Cat Fergus 

And lastly here’s me holding Fergus against my chest like a baby, he wanted to feel safe while we waited for his vet appointment. He stopped meowing finally when he got into my lap like this 💜 here is my big white kitty with his stunning green eye looking out nervously 😂 he was weighed in at 26 pounds yall

Cat Clarence making direct eye contact with you 

Here’s my gray cat Clarence with extremely dilated pupils, caught between my geometric shower curtains

cleavage, cat Winslow 

Lmao look at these pics I got this morning of Winslow after I quickly floored him around for pets!!

Pictured: two pics of Winslow looking annoyed on my arms, pressed to my naked chest, his bright green eyes overlooking my arms lmao 😂

ec, me looking hot af 

Me with good ass fuckin purple Smokey eye makeup and glittery lips with a sparkle filter on top 😊

selfie dump A 

A Look I did last night!
I’m wearing blues and I did my eyebrows pointy, lips black, and popped some jewels on my face

pet, eye contact 

Pictured: gray kitty Clarence sitting on my bed, looking at the camera. The bedspread is Anne Frank Baphomet. There is also a pastel blanket over my legs. Behind Clarence is my dope gigantic painting of three eyes

makeup selfie triptych 

Pictured: Three photos side by side. The first shows me with just foundation on, the second photo is with the brows filled in, and the third photo shows full pink and black eye makeup, pink lipstick and blush.

Progress on becoming hot in 2021 is going well

selfie, eye contact, smokin 

I spent some time working in my brows today 👀 which is something I’ve probably never said before in my life LOL

pictured: me wearing a red smoking cap, blowing smoke out of my half-opened mouth.

@Turbostoner666 idk if the audio will post but. It was this video set to Osama Bin Laden as the Crucified Christ lmao. I appealed it because wtf am I discriminating against Trump. Cmon

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Clarence, a beautiful gray Tabby/Abyssinian cat, wearing his green and tan winter coat while on his leashed walk today. He is looking at a ledge he would like to jump on!

Felix did amazing drawings of my kitty Clarence for BadGay!! Go commission them! @shade !!

Pictured: Beautiful Clarence on a deaths head moth with kitty cat markings on the wings, and three eyed Scorpio prince Clarence as a winged grave marker

selfie w ec 

Happy New Year ✨ may I continue to get hotter in 2021

Pictured: me smiling at the camera rocking an up angle cuz I AINT afraid

selfie w eye contact , uncaptioned selfie 

I did makeup with my new selfie light!!

art, selfie, ec 

Picture 1: a self-portrait icon of myself with glamorous blue glitter eyeshadow, a blue undercut combed to the left, and clown inspired makeup.

Picture 2: what I actually look like on my day off - wearing a red smoking cap, a large black tshirt with a lady’s face on it and the words CARPE DIEM on the top, a long sleeved gray blue undershirt and plaid pajama paints.

Clarence is beautiful!

Pictured: two photos of my gray tabby looking so handsome, leaning on his side and watching me 👀

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