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Screenshots, selfie w ec 

Look I made myself a streaming overlay for twitch!

Also this is my new normal
Wig. I wore it to the gas station store the day I called out of work so no one FROM work would see me sneaking out for a milkshake. It’s my real hair though. I probably would look more like this if my hair wasn’t what it actually is.

And last pic is me normally for context :) hot pink/orange hair and no eyebrows!

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AI draws Danny Devito (drawn ec, music) 

I do not know how to describe this. But the AI drew a full fucking approximate of Danny Devito

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everyone who wants to join badgay is welcome but I won't tolerate bullshit, this is a fuck around and find out instance, any fashy/pedo shit or deflective conflict nonsense and ur gone. my anxiety is only matched by my rage

bugs bunny / daffy duck meme





Under communism there's only one cruise ship and we all have to share

I don't want to clean that much overnight but works run me ragged, I haven't had a day off since being notified of this visit and so I kinda gotta cram all that cleaning in tonight. Luckily I don't work tomorrow

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Omg I’m gonna be up all night cleaning because the inspector is coming tomorrow to help asses how much we can get for our refinancing loan. Hate this

*willie voice* Damn anarchists, they ruined anarchism!

it’s time to face the darkness.
it’s time to douse the lights.
it’s time to traverse the veil
on the muppet show tonight



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Lmao the body language guy is playing wii theme music and modem sounds over this redirection and I’m cracking up. That pinged my funny

Don’t create safe spaces.
Eradicate unsafe spaces :100Pride:.

don't call me Surely, it's DOCTOR Your Joking to you

buying the Disney pride March bcuz is so cute but then realizing it’s all made in China, famous friend to the gays, and Disney also donates tons of money to anti-LGBT shit

Rainbow capitalism fools me every June :( and it’s only May :( but I love rainbows

Last year I discovered the joy of using masking fluid with watercolour paints and in this little experiment I really went to town with it! All the lines are made by painting masking fluid, then adding a layer of watercolour, then repeat adding darker layers each time. Peeling off the masking fluid is incredibly satisfying.

#MastoArt #watercolor #watercolour

Clarence is in my lap while we enjoy sitting in the doorway/stoop during the thunderstorm

Selfies w ec 

Pictured: diptych ft me with super cool eyebrows, vs me with no eyebrows. My hair is curly and bright pink/orange and I’m wearing a Keith Haring shirt and a black choker 💋

I had two very good but very different looks yesterday

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