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Selfies w ec 

Pictured: diptych ft me with super cool eyebrows, vs me with no eyebrows. My hair is curly and bright pink/orange and I’m wearing a Keith Haring shirt and a black choker 💋

I had two very good but very different looks yesterday

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AI draws Danny Devito (drawn ec, music) 

I do not know how to describe this. But the AI drew a full fucking approximate of Danny Devito

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everyone who wants to join badgay is welcome but I won't tolerate bullshit, this is a fuck around and find out instance, any fashy/pedo shit or deflective conflict nonsense and ur gone. my anxiety is only matched by my rage

If everyone on Cape Cod could just hold it, that would be great.

This is the stinkiest public restroom I’ve ever been in

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I may be moving w my gf into my grams house soon 😂😭

at midnight you see his mouth open, a deafening flanged voice filling the room as the walls rattle

"raging for revenge, with ate by his side come hot from hell, shall in these confines with an italian's voice cry 'lasagna!' and let slip the dogs of war!"

"Real men" implies complex men, surreal men, and integer men.

america really is just racism and eugenics all the way down

At the pool earlier in my binder and unisex swimsuit and i overhear a kid said to their mom “I thought that was a boy” and mom goes “‘me too”

My gfs dad pays for stuff for me too and it makes me feel weird but it’s nice of him 😭

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