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Sometimes I talk before I think 🤔 but even if I’m perpetually a little out of step 🥾 or strange 🥸 my heart is my compass 💜 empathy + humility = 🔑 ♥️

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everyone who wants to join badgay is welcome but I won't tolerate bullshit, this is a fuck around and find out instance, any fashy/pedo shit or deflective conflict nonsense and ur gone. my anxiety is only matched by my rage

trans bullshit dysphoria 

@Turbostoner666 i want to cry but now I have to leave and give my grandma a bath

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trans bullshit dysphoria 

Extremely cool how this trans tape makes me dysphoric because it’s impossible to put on

plus size recs 

okay i can only vouch for the skirts, but the skirts are fucking rad. Size C fits up to a 70 inch waist tho the listing says only 60 inches (source: it fits the fullest part of my waist and i am currently bloated so i'm +several inches). the material is heavy weight and soft, not that cheap slippery kind, the fit is generous, and IT HAS POCKETS. DEEP POCKETS.

Holy fuck can I get my refund yet wtf my accounts over drafted and I need litter but I’m waiting for the pet store to give me back the $120 they charged me for an autoship order I already canceled

Freud: maybe… psychosis has meaningful content

me, encouraging his curiosity: love it, love that idea. what kind of meanings do you think psychosis might involve?

Freud: like, murder, and destroying the social order, and freaky humiliating sex shit


me: so circling back around to a point you made earlier,

keep portland weird. keep washington under fire. keep manhattan underwater. keep new york a secret

this website is full of freaks and weirdos, the good kinds and the bad kinds

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id fuckin love it if I could give according to my ability and receive according to my needs. that would kick ass.

Can I post a Tiktok advertising myself as a client and LURE a good queer therapist

imagine knowing little about the internet, going online to look up a rickroll, finding the first question is "is rickrolling illegal" and having google misquote an article to tell you it is *banned in several countries*

pet health 

@Turbostoner666 omg y’all I’m crying he’s eating dry food!!!!

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🚨Urgent Indigenous Autistic Need 🚨

Zach is a medically complex autistic Ojibwe and Ponca youth, he depends heavily on his phone for communication and engagement with the world around him. His phone is broken, and his mother (also autistic, disabled and Deaf) has no way to obtain one. $300 will get him what he needs, refurbished and unlocked. Any boosts or assistance are beyond appreciated!

@mutualaid #mutualaid #indigenous

Venmo: SuzEQ13

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