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Sometimes I talk before I think 🤔 but even if I’m perpetually a little out of step 🥾 or strange 🥸 my heart is my compass 💜 empathy + humility = 🔑 ♥️

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everyone who wants to join badgay is welcome but I won't tolerate bullshit, this is a fuck around and find out instance, any fashy/pedo shit or deflective conflict nonsense and ur gone. my anxiety is only matched by my rage

The non-terrible cat remains concerned that the wrong human is hanging out in her house.

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The book of genesis is about god making up a guy to get mad at

Selfie w ec 

Oh here’s a pic where portrait mode isn’t washing me out also LMAO

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Selfie w ec 

Okay so i tried all my new makeup experimental tips at once

Featuring false lashes I’m not totally into… and ideally my brows will be less pointy next time BUT

here’s my new hair color in action!!

tolkien said that "cellar door" is the most beautiful phrase in the english language, but he didn't have access to "milf steve jobs"

Selfies with Ec 


Pictured: two pics of me with my new bright neon orange pink hair!! And my HOMO sweater but it’s spelled H-O-M-E-A-U-X

Trans awareness week, gender liberation stuff 

Trans people exist and are fucking rad! They're just normal people! Who often do stuff with gender!

If you're a normal person who might want a little extra (or less or different) gender, you can be trans, too!

You're allowed to do as much or as little as you want, and to choose how and where you express yourself according to your safety! You don't need to present one way all the time if you don't want to! Your gender is yours, not everyone else's.

Let's claim this week for celebrating gender discovery instead of just 'trans awareness'. Maybe do a little something to express your gender today, or experiment with one you're curious about. Happy gender discovery week! 💙

time traveling to kill hitler only to have someone else capitalize on the reactionary discontent of the era because the great man theory of history is crap, but then realizing i can kill that guy too and repeat until the accumulated mysterious violent deaths of german proto-fascists cripples the movement in a sort of inverted night of the long knives

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